• Tim Kennedy
    Tim Kennedy President
  • Gareth Charter
    Gareth Charter Vice President - Sales
  • Ed Kubosiak
    Ed Kubosiak Vice President - Content


  • Christine Romanko
    Christine Romanko Sales Manager
  • David Kotfila
    David Kotfila Director of Auto Sales
  • Lisa Christensen
    Lisa Christensen Customer Success Manager
  • Rob Madrid
    Rob Madrid Director of Digital Strategy
  • Justin Lincoln
    Justin Lincoln Digital Analytics & Optimization Manager
  • Blake Phillips
    Blake Phillips Senior Multimedia Designer


  • Noah Bombard
    Noah Bombard Managing Producer - News
  • Jim Pignatiello
    Jim Pignatiello Managing Producer - Sports
  • John Beattie
    John Beattie Director of Digital Operations
  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Supervising Reporter - Springfield
  • Scott J. Croteau
    Scott J. Croteau Supervising Reporter - Worcester

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