Higher Education Marketing is Competitive

You Need a Marketing Partner that knows the industry

Higher education marketing has become increasingly competitive and complex. Students who are eager to take the next step with higher education experience a wide array of influencing factors. Your marketing campaign needs to be strong enough to push past other opinions and options to truly impact the student. It is crucial to have a partner that understands appealing to prospective students, increasing application quantities, enrollment yield, retention in students, and alumni engagement. Gain the knowledge of our higher education marketing experts, with a track record of success.


Guiding students from awareness or inquiry to decision


Moving toward an online giving model


Engaging Students well beyond graduation

  • “While working with MassLive Media, communication has been extremely open. We can get monthly- or even weekly- reporting on our campaigns. As a company, we need the numbers to know how effective our ads are being; and the campaign has been dramatically successful. Working with MassLive Media has been a game changer.”

    Katie Roberts Center Manager at CleanSlate Recovery Center
  • “MassLive Media was an ideal partner for us as we dipped our toes into the waters of digital display and optimization. They recommended fitting solutions for our specific needs and budget and provided us with an ongoing education as we progressed through our 2016 campaign.”

    Chief Branding & Communications Officer Insurance & Financial Services
  • “We realized that traditional media- whether it is TV or radio- just wasn’t covering all of our bases. We new we needed to find a true digital partner to really hit the audience that we need…We now use the full suite of digital products that MassLive offers- from SEO and SEM to in-story video. It has all been very effective, and the ability to really tweak [our marketing plan] every single month and sit down with our team to see is working and what is not working has been incredibly helpful. It has allowed us to be really nimble and adjust to the market with some changes that have really positively effected what our outcomes have been.”

    Jon Scully , VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing at Elms College
  • “MassLive Media has been a tremendous help to the clients of LGI as they move more marketing focus into the complex world of digital. They treat each client with a customized, smart strategy. We look forward too many more years of partnership with MassLive Media.”

    Ken Hutchins President and Owner of LGI Marketing Agency
  • “We weren’t reaching who we wanted to reach just through a print ad, radio or TV. We have seen great success in the past three years with all of the digital advertising that MassLive Media has done. I highly recommend [them] to anyone looking to do these types of programs. We have seen a lot of people calling to tell us that they have seen our ads on MassLive. The numbers we have been getting back on quarterly reports have been extremely impressive, and have led us to continue to do more [digital advertising].”

    Kelly Collins Marketing Officer at Monson Savings
  • “Things are really starting to pop with Google and the website, add in the great response with the Facebook ad. It has really been a great turnaround.”

    Jeff Herman Co-Owner at Mass Renewables
  • “We have worked closely with MassLive Media to implement effective digital marketing strategies. Their expertise as a Google Partner has proved invaluable as we navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.”

    Joan Gravel Director of Marketing and Communications at Springfield Technical Community College
  • “The partnership between the Springfield Rescue Mission and MassLive Media is a great business relationship. MassLive Media always guides the Springfield Rescue Mission in the right marketing direction.”

    Robin Gobielle Development Manager at Springfield Rescue Mission
  • “In today’s competitive market, the Co-op struggles to maintain and grow its customer base, so we wanted to reach a segment of customers that did not know about Hardwick Farmers Co-op. MassLive Media had us put together a short video ad to use in our advertising. We have seen an influx of young families that have started to come in and like what they find. Many have become repeat customers. Advertising through the internet with a partner like MassLive Media is a smart investment for us. We plan on doing more advertising with MassLive Media and looking at some of the other ways to advertise that they offer.”

    Steve Gould Store Manager at Hardwick Farmers Co-Op Exchange
  • “We reached out to MassLive Media because we wanted to increase our search engine optimization (SEO) and exposure in our markets… We can see the results [of working with MassLive Media] because we have had an increase of people coming through to our website and signing up. We have had great results.”

    Kate Carney Iles & Julie Held Owners and Managers at Maple and Main Reality, LLC
Re-targeting Ads Result in 83% Growth in Admits for Public University

Re-targeting Ads Result in 83% Growth in Admits for Public University

This public, 4-year institution developed a four week digital campaign leading up to National Decision Day (when seniors choose which college to attend). The plan researched the top 40 performing STEM high schools in neighboring states. Geotargeting in-app ad delivery in those schools, students that engaged with the ad and then left the area were later retargeted ... Read More

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